Unique features of Yofam Messenger you may not know about

Text messages are people’s favorite to save cost compared to making calls. They are widely used as a cheaper way of communication and with the advancement of technology and internet use, they have evolved to offer much more to their users than one could ever have imagined.

Now the messaging apps are loaded with tons of features and competition is now how to offer more and an intuitive user experience. Users are sometimes puzzled about what apps suit them best as there are so many apps around offering similar features and user experiences. This is where Yofam comes in, although relatively a new entrant in the chatting apps market, it’s loaded with some unique features most of the other apps don’t offer. In addition, it also comes with proper support so even if you run into any issues, someone will be there to help you out.

Yofam is initially available for iPhone users and is a touch away to be downloaded for free. Upon installing and running the app, you’ll instantly realize the simplicity and app’s ease of use and you’ll be up and running in no time. Yofam’s free text messenger allows you to send text messages to any of your friend’s phone numbers and is also capable of receiving text messages from them. The free text messenger basically enables you to communicate with your friends that are not live on Yofam. You can send a text message and they’ll receive it on their phones just like regular messages. Now this is a quite common feature and isn’t what Yofam is known for.

Some of the unique features that Yofam introduced include BOOM and Time Bomb. Using BOOM all you need to do in order to grab the attention of your friend is to shake your phone and they’ll be sort of nudged a BOOM message to let them know someone wants their attention. Time Bomb, on the other hand, is a very handy feature and allows the users to specify a time when their conversation with their friend on their friend’s phone will be automatically deleted. The other party won’t be prompted or notified before deletion and the only way they can keep the conversation record is by taking a prior screenshot or saving it using some other method. But how are they going to know a conversation has been time bombed? They cannot and that’s what makes this feature so effective.

There are also many other features worth experiencing so just go to iTunes and download Yofam to experience many of its cool features which can also be used as a business messenger.


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