Yofam – Latest Free Chat Messenger

Yofam is one of the free chat messenger applications for iphone which is easily available on apple store. This free chat messenger application helps you create your own world and thus making it comfortable for you to communicate.

Things to see:

The yofam messenger app which is a free messenger application is now one of the most downloaded applications for communication. Well it has some qualities for that to prove and it surely has gained a lot of trust within no time. Feedback score on apple store says it all.

This is a way to inter connect with you closed one on a single stage. This application which is free and reliable has increased its value through its amazing features.

Some other adds on:

With addition here we see the features this amazing application provides us. First of all it is free and secondly you can share videos, chats and photos on this application. Especially the music which is a plus and the best part is that this all is unlimited which means that there is no certain amounting that you’re restricted to share. You can share anything in any amount all is required is the internet resource that will connect to your loved ones.

Then this application has great colors to modify your theme account. That is to set different wallpapers for your background and using those wallpapers to reflect your personality. You can have any sort of picture on the back but it will be good if you have certain amount of quality on it as well.

The smiley feature is amazing too. Which gives you the best way to express and this reflects the clear notion you are talking about. Things are clearer and precisely the idea or text you have sent to your friends or family is more obvious.

The great feature known as “boom” is somehow the best thing to look for. It works in a way that it gives a buzz to your sender that means a notification. If you message is very important and your friend or any person you are talking to is not responding then simple send this boom message my shaking your mobile. This will make a beep and buzz on your receiver’s phone making it alert to read your message.

This application has all sorts of things what a messenger should have. That can be text, sending pictures, music or videos. It can be anything you want to share. Amazing wallpaper customization with smiley rank it the best messenger for iphone users.


Tips to enhance your Yofam experience

What is yofam?

Yofam is one of the free messaging applications that mainly come in Apple store. This brilliant application messenger is latest in android phone applications too. People consider some privacy well this amazing text messaging application gives you that experience.

It is an application that is design for messaging your friends and family, the idea requires when both people have this application on their phones which gives the direct contact to the both parties.

Use and further explanation:

Well the criteria that with held is two parties who are involved in interacting have this application. You can easily customize to this application by setting any wallpaper you want by making it look more attractive. This can be any photograph from your gallery or if you don’t want to do that than simply have the classic themes style coming with the application.

The themes included in have bright colors that will have different smiley which will add more addition to your surprise element. You can choose your way of texting style. Though the most boring chat will make you have a pleasant mode due to these amazing settings.

Tips to enhance your experience:

As mentioned above you can change your wallpapers settings whenever you want to. It depends upon your choice and mood. It can be any picture that you like or any wallpaper design you want to impose. This will certainly add a cool effect on others around you. Many will get motivation and try using this application too.

Your wallpaper can be enhanced by even formatting it. You can have any text typed in the background too; the thing is that they are cut at right angle which will make it a best fit for wallpaper to be attached. Moving on this wallpaper can be of enough size that it pixels don’t scatter. Which means that picture should have right wallpaper and best quality, so it looks more clear and subjective to your choice.

Moreover the color choice can be done according to your desire; yes you can have your choice colors that you want. You can choose any sort of color for your wallpapers. Either they can be dark or light, this depends on your mood and choice. This amazing application is one of best messaging application produces so far. This application makes your status to get removed and you can chat easily with anyone without anyone noticing your current status.

Different Features of Yofam Chat With Pin Number

The mobile app market has grown to the very large extent and enjoys the huge bulk of consumers around the globe. Every day new apps are introduced in the market for Smartphone. Latest communication features are also hitting the users through these apps for Smartphone. iPhone apps download are available at iTunes for iPhone users and at play stores for the android users. Yofam is the upcoming android messenger app that will revolutionize the chat experience of the android users. Yofam has the energetic and lively features that make it prominent among other available messenger apps in the market.

Yofam, upcoming for android, offers the latest chat functionality for the users. Yofam the android messenger app offers the amazing features of the BOOM messaging and the Time Bomb that make your chat a real fun with friends. Now these are available with a pin number facility. Now the user can send messages to their friends using their pin numbers in a quicker and faster way. The user does not need the contact number or user name for messaging. Instead of it requires a pin number that a user has on his / her device for sending messages. The messaging through using the pin number is faster as it is not sent through regular mail server and the sender gets a notification about the receiving of the message whether this option it set ON or not.

The amazing feature of the BOOM in yofam enables the user for grabbing the attention of the recipient. When you send a BOOM message it creates a vibration in the recipient’s phone that makes him / her alert about giving a response to your message. Now this amazing feature can be used using the pin number of the recipient. Instead of writing the username or phone number of your friend for sending a message you can use his / her pin number. For enjoying these amazing features, the user can use iPhone apps download for getting this amazing app for free.

The yofam, upcoming for android is really a feast for the android users due to its amazing features. It provides a good deal of security to its users. It allows creating a security pin number for making the app secure from irrelevant accesses. It makes the yofam android messenger app more reliable for the users. The amazing chat features of the yofam upcoming for android along with this pin security makes it the favourite messenger app of the android users.

Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your Mobile App Look Amazing

Advanced technologies have made communication much easier and faster. Smartphone introduction in market made it faster than ever. The messenger apps and text messaging apps have aided to the large extent in faster communication. A wide range of Smartphone users are enjoying messenger apps for communication among their circles. A large number of apps are available in the market and it is difficult to decide which the best messenger app is? This problem is solved by yofam, the latest messenger app for iPhone. It has amazing new features that enable the user for active and secure communication.

When a user install a messenger app it has a default setting that is mostly simple and sometimes non-attractive. It does not look nice to experience a boring look of messaging app in your mobile phone. Messenger apps offer many ways to alter the appearance of your app but mostly people do not have an idea about it. Here we have an over view about the options to make your app look amazing in your mobile phone. Using the best messenger app yofam, user can enjoy different out looks of the interface. To have a different and attractive look of your app in mobile here are few options.

  1. Change the view by using the options in view settings of the app. For enjoying this facility go to settings and find the view options. After using preview of different options, you can select the view of your own choice.

  2. There are different widgets are available to enhance the look and appearance of mobile apps. You can download them and use for making a different view for your mobile app.

  3. The user can customize the view of text messaging apps user can add a background image to the app interface for giving it a unique look.

  4. From app support centres, user can download more themes other than installed themes of the app and use them for making the user interface attractive.

  5. Change the colours of built-in themes according to your choice. It will give the uniqueness to the app interface on your mobiles.

To enhance the look of your mobile app in your mobile, the above-stated suggestions help you greatly. Yofam the best messenger app has a good deal of options to customize app’s user interface to give it a unique look. Its simple user interface is easy to use and personalize as per your preferences.

Latest “Search users/ random chat” feature on yofam messenger

With the progress of technology and new inventions, communication has become much easier and economic. Smartphones and their free messaging apps play a vital role in bringing the people closer to each other regardless of physical distance between them. The apps for smartphones are easily available for free and few premium features in paid form. People mostly like to use free apps for smartphones. The text messaging apps have their own importance in the communications world. These apps are equally good and helpful for all types of users, for example, students, factory workers, housewives and even businessmen.

iPhone apps download is available at iTunes for users of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. No doubt all the available apps bear good features but still a demand for more vibrant features is in progress and new free messaging apps are joining the apps collection on the Internet. Yofam is one of the latest apps for smartphones that carry efficient and vibrant features for the smartphones’ users. Yofam, the latest messenger app, has been launched with amazing features of the Time Bomb and the BOOM along with other regular features that a messaging app must have. What makes the yofam distinct in the massive volume of text messaging apps is it’s simpler and easy to use environment.

Yofam allows the user for group chat, random chat and also for searching the contacts. It enables the user to search any contact in the list and start a chat randomly. For starting a random chat with any of your friends, go to contacts in yofam home screen. You can open contacts by tapping on the contacts icon on the bottom of yofam screen. On the top of the screen, a search bar will appear. Type here the name or phone number of your friend. It will find the typed contact from the long list of phone book within a second. Now press the “+” to add the contact in yofam contact list so that you can start a random chat with that person.

For enjoying the amazing features of the yofam free messenger go to iTunes for iPhone apps download. At iTunes, yofam is just a click away from your smartphone. Click on download and install the yofam on your devices for enjoying a more vibrant communication with your friends and family. Once you install the yofam, the latest messaging app that allows you to send text messages and voice messages as well. The simple and easy search user feature enables you to start a quick conversation with your contacts, using yofam, randomly.