Latest “Search users/ random chat” feature on yofam messenger

With the progress of technology and new inventions, communication has become much easier and economic. Smartphones and their free messaging apps play a vital role in bringing the people closer to each other regardless of physical distance between them. The apps for smartphones are easily available for free and few premium features in paid form. People mostly like to use free apps for smartphones. The text messaging apps have their own importance in the communications world. These apps are equally good and helpful for all types of users, for example, students, factory workers, housewives and even businessmen.

iPhone apps download is available at iTunes for users of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. No doubt all the available apps bear good features but still a demand for more vibrant features is in progress and new free messaging apps are joining the apps collection on the Internet. Yofam is one of the latest apps for smartphones that carry efficient and vibrant features for the smartphones’ users. Yofam, the latest messenger app, has been launched with amazing features of the Time Bomb and the BOOM along with other regular features that a messaging app must have. What makes the yofam distinct in the massive volume of text messaging apps is it’s simpler and easy to use environment.

Yofam allows the user for group chat, random chat and also for searching the contacts. It enables the user to search any contact in the list and start a chat randomly. For starting a random chat with any of your friends, go to contacts in yofam home screen. You can open contacts by tapping on the contacts icon on the bottom of yofam screen. On the top of the screen, a search bar will appear. Type here the name or phone number of your friend. It will find the typed contact from the long list of phone book within a second. Now press the “+” to add the contact in yofam contact list so that you can start a random chat with that person.

For enjoying the amazing features of the yofam free messenger go to iTunes for iPhone apps download. At iTunes, yofam is just a click away from your smartphone. Click on download and install the yofam on your devices for enjoying a more vibrant communication with your friends and family. Once you install the yofam, the latest messaging app that allows you to send text messages and voice messages as well. The simple and easy search user feature enables you to start a quick conversation with your contacts, using yofam, randomly.


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