Different Features of Yofam Chat With Pin Number

The mobile app market has grown to the very large extent and enjoys the huge bulk of consumers around the globe. Every day new apps are introduced in the market for Smartphone. Latest communication features are also hitting the users through these apps for Smartphone. iPhone apps download are available at iTunes for iPhone users and at play stores for the android users. Yofam is the upcoming android messenger app that will revolutionize the chat experience of the android users. Yofam has the energetic and lively features that make it prominent among other available messenger apps in the market.

Yofam, upcoming for android, offers the latest chat functionality for the users. Yofam the android messenger app offers the amazing features of the BOOM messaging and the Time Bomb that make your chat a real fun with friends. Now these are available with a pin number facility. Now the user can send messages to their friends using their pin numbers in a quicker and faster way. The user does not need the contact number or user name for messaging. Instead of it requires a pin number that a user has on his / her device for sending messages. The messaging through using the pin number is faster as it is not sent through regular mail server and the sender gets a notification about the receiving of the message whether this option it set ON or not.

The amazing feature of the BOOM in yofam enables the user for grabbing the attention of the recipient. When you send a BOOM message it creates a vibration in the recipient’s phone that makes him / her alert about giving a response to your message. Now this amazing feature can be used using the pin number of the recipient. Instead of writing the username or phone number of your friend for sending a message you can use his / her pin number. For enjoying these amazing features, the user can use iPhone apps download for getting this amazing app for free.

The yofam, upcoming for android is really a feast for the android users due to its amazing features. It provides a good deal of security to its users. It allows creating a security pin number for making the app secure from irrelevant accesses. It makes the yofam android messenger app more reliable for the users. The amazing chat features of the yofam upcoming for android along with this pin security makes it the favourite messenger app of the android users.


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