Tips to enhance your Yofam experience

What is yofam?

Yofam is one of the free messaging applications that mainly come in Apple store. This brilliant application messenger is latest in android phone applications too. People consider some privacy well this amazing text messaging application gives you that experience.

It is an application that is design for messaging your friends and family, the idea requires when both people have this application on their phones which gives the direct contact to the both parties.

Use and further explanation:

Well the criteria that with held is two parties who are involved in interacting have this application. You can easily customize to this application by setting any wallpaper you want by making it look more attractive. This can be any photograph from your gallery or if you don’t want to do that than simply have the classic themes style coming with the application.

The themes included in have bright colors that will have different smiley which will add more addition to your surprise element. You can choose your way of texting style. Though the most boring chat will make you have a pleasant mode due to these amazing settings.

Tips to enhance your experience:

As mentioned above you can change your wallpapers settings whenever you want to. It depends upon your choice and mood. It can be any picture that you like or any wallpaper design you want to impose. This will certainly add a cool effect on others around you. Many will get motivation and try using this application too.

Your wallpaper can be enhanced by even formatting it. You can have any text typed in the background too; the thing is that they are cut at right angle which will make it a best fit for wallpaper to be attached. Moving on this wallpaper can be of enough size that it pixels don’t scatter. Which means that picture should have right wallpaper and best quality, so it looks more clear and subjective to your choice.

Moreover the color choice can be done according to your desire; yes you can have your choice colors that you want. You can choose any sort of color for your wallpapers. Either they can be dark or light, this depends on your mood and choice. This amazing application is one of best messaging application produces so far. This application makes your status to get removed and you can chat easily with anyone without anyone noticing your current status.


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