Yofam – Latest Free Chat Messenger

Yofam is one of the free chat messenger applications for iphone which is easily available on apple store. This free chat messenger application helps you create your own world and thus making it comfortable for you to communicate.

Things to see:

The yofam messenger app which is a free messenger application is now one of the most downloaded applications for communication. Well it has some qualities for that to prove and it surely has gained a lot of trust within no time. Feedback score on apple store says it all.

This is a way to inter connect with you closed one on a single stage. This application which is free and reliable has increased its value through its amazing features.

Some other adds on:

With addition here we see the features this amazing application provides us. First of all it is free and secondly you can share videos, chats and photos on this application. Especially the music which is a plus and the best part is that this all is unlimited which means that there is no certain amounting that you’re restricted to share. You can share anything in any amount all is required is the internet resource that will connect to your loved ones.

Then this application has great colors to modify your theme account. That is to set different wallpapers for your background and using those wallpapers to reflect your personality. You can have any sort of picture on the back but it will be good if you have certain amount of quality on it as well.

The smiley feature is amazing too. Which gives you the best way to express and this reflects the clear notion you are talking about. Things are clearer and precisely the idea or text you have sent to your friends or family is more obvious.

The great feature known as “boom” is somehow the best thing to look for. It works in a way that it gives a buzz to your sender that means a notification. If you message is very important and your friend or any person you are talking to is not responding then simple send this boom message my shaking your mobile. This will make a beep and buzz on your receiver’s phone making it alert to read your message.

This application has all sorts of things what a messenger should have. That can be text, sending pictures, music or videos. It can be anything you want to share. Amazing wallpaper customization with smiley rank it the best messenger for iphone users.


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