Get the Amazing Yofam Today !

Its news for all the social birds chirping out there; your days of search for a power pack one app wonder messenger are now over because Yofam is now available. Yofam is the messenger app for all the iPhone user who enjoy social networking, enjoy chatters and cherish making memories. Your instant messaging is no more boring and all the more conventional as before; Yofam has innovated the way you connect with your friends and family across the globe, it’s a one click send and share token of joy.

The Specs Set

All you need is a working internet connection, and you’ll be connected with all your friends, whether they use the amazing Yofam messenger or nor. Surprised? You must be. You can not only send and receive messages online, via the internet, but also send a free regular text message to your friends, offline, they receive it like the conventional SMS. It’s a two in one package and all free. If you wish to go into hiding and read messages without people knowing that you did, switch off your live status. The real plus is that you can select people for whom you wish to be visible; that’s new, right! Yofam supports audio, video and images as well, it’s not plain text that you can send and receive. Also, we have a varied, cool and fun sticker pack. These stickers are animated; they are super cool. Add expressions to your chats. Yofam allows you to update a status and let the people know what’s on your mind. You can also create a timeline which means you can share photos in private chats or upload them for other friends to see, like and comment. Delete the conversations you don’t wish to have in the record, without the other person knowing. And, send a booming message and pinch your friends to listen to you; it’s super fun! No need for any other application, Yofam, the free Messenger app for iPhone has all the specs that you’d ever need.

Grab the App

Where can you find the best and the free chat messenger for iPhone? From where you like it; it’s loaded on iTunes now. Simply search for the Yofam messenger application on your iTunes store and get it with one click download. When it’s downloaded to your phone, tap open the Yofam Icon on your phone and run to install it. Tada, welcome to the amazing world of Yofam! Get the free chat messenger app today!


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