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In this technological age, technology is emerging with the passage of time. People are technology lovers, and they love to use latest electronic apps. People are fond of Android and iOS, and they want to use apps that will put them at ease. Messenger app for iPhone is the most asked apps by Android and iOS users. Yofam is one of the emerging apps that is making a revolution in this world of chatting and video calling.

  • Are you wondering about Yofam that what is it?
  • Are you curious about knowing its features?

Here, in this articles, you will get these answers!

What is Yofam?

Yofam is a social networking app. The app developers made it by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the people. They know what people need and how rapidly they want to communicate with others, so they have made this amazing app. Through this app, people can fulfill their various requirements just by one platform. It lets you to save your time and space in the cell phone.


It has amazing features including;

  • Messaging
  • Video Calling
  • Group Chat
  • Delete Conversation
  • Privacy
  • Status Updating
  • Images and video Sharing
  • Voice Messaging

Its remarkable features make it one of the mostly used apps. It is not wrong if it is said that Yofam is the best Messenger app for iPhone.

How to use it?

Are you new to Yofam and want to use it? Do not worry, it is very easy to use it. You do not have to pay a single penny because it is totally free of cost. All you need to do is to make an account there and then start to use its stunning features. You can send your pictures and videos of special events to your loved ones or anyone with whom you want to share them. Also, you can chat with your friends and let them know about your daily routines. The privacy option lets you keep your display picture and status hidden from unknown people. Even you can make free video calls for as long as you want. No doubt, yofam is one of the mostly downloaded text apps for iPhone. Now, you can share anything with anyone in just the blink of an eye. If you want iTunes, then download Yofam from Google Play and start enjoying from now. Feel free to contact the support center if you are facing any hurdle in downloading or usage.


Get the Amazing Yofam Today !

Its news for all the social birds chirping out there; your days of search for a power pack one app wonder messenger are now over because Yofam is now available. Yofam is the messenger app for all the iPhone user who enjoy social networking, enjoy chatters and cherish making memories. Your instant messaging is no more boring and all the more conventional as before; Yofam has innovated the way you connect with your friends and family across the globe, it’s a one click send and share token of joy.

The Specs Set

All you need is a working internet connection, and you’ll be connected with all your friends, whether they use the amazing Yofam messenger or nor. Surprised? You must be. You can not only send and receive messages online, via the internet, but also send a free regular text message to your friends, offline, they receive it like the conventional SMS. It’s a two in one package and all free. If you wish to go into hiding and read messages without people knowing that you did, switch off your live status. The real plus is that you can select people for whom you wish to be visible; that’s new, right! Yofam supports audio, video and images as well, it’s not plain text that you can send and receive. Also, we have a varied, cool and fun sticker pack. These stickers are animated; they are super cool. Add expressions to your chats. Yofam allows you to update a status and let the people know what’s on your mind. You can also create a timeline which means you can share photos in private chats or upload them for other friends to see, like and comment. Delete the conversations you don’t wish to have in the record, without the other person knowing. And, send a booming message and pinch your friends to listen to you; it’s super fun! No need for any other application, Yofam, the free Messenger app for iPhone has all the specs that you’d ever need.

Grab the App

Where can you find the best and the free chat messenger for iPhone? From where you like it; it’s loaded on iTunes now. Simply search for the Yofam messenger application on your iTunes store and get it with one click download. When it’s downloaded to your phone, tap open the Yofam Icon on your phone and run to install it. Tada, welcome to the amazing world of Yofam! Get the free chat messenger app today!

Tips to enhance your Yofam experience

What is yofam?

Yofam is one of the free messaging applications that mainly come in Apple store. This brilliant application messenger is latest in android phone applications too. People consider some privacy well this amazing text messaging application gives you that experience.

It is an application that is design for messaging your friends and family, the idea requires when both people have this application on their phones which gives the direct contact to the both parties.

Use and further explanation:

Well the criteria that with held is two parties who are involved in interacting have this application. You can easily customize to this application by setting any wallpaper you want by making it look more attractive. This can be any photograph from your gallery or if you don’t want to do that than simply have the classic themes style coming with the application.

The themes included in have bright colors that will have different smiley which will add more addition to your surprise element. You can choose your way of texting style. Though the most boring chat will make you have a pleasant mode due to these amazing settings.

Tips to enhance your experience:

As mentioned above you can change your wallpapers settings whenever you want to. It depends upon your choice and mood. It can be any picture that you like or any wallpaper design you want to impose. This will certainly add a cool effect on others around you. Many will get motivation and try using this application too.

Your wallpaper can be enhanced by even formatting it. You can have any text typed in the background too; the thing is that they are cut at right angle which will make it a best fit for wallpaper to be attached. Moving on this wallpaper can be of enough size that it pixels don’t scatter. Which means that picture should have right wallpaper and best quality, so it looks more clear and subjective to your choice.

Moreover the color choice can be done according to your desire; yes you can have your choice colors that you want. You can choose any sort of color for your wallpapers. Either they can be dark or light, this depends on your mood and choice. This amazing application is one of best messaging application produces so far. This application makes your status to get removed and you can chat easily with anyone without anyone noticing your current status.

Different Features of Yofam Chat With Pin Number

The mobile app market has grown to the very large extent and enjoys the huge bulk of consumers around the globe. Every day new apps are introduced in the market for Smartphone. Latest communication features are also hitting the users through these apps for Smartphone. iPhone apps download are available at iTunes for iPhone users and at play stores for the android users. Yofam is the upcoming android messenger app that will revolutionize the chat experience of the android users. Yofam has the energetic and lively features that make it prominent among other available messenger apps in the market.

Yofam, upcoming for android, offers the latest chat functionality for the users. Yofam the android messenger app offers the amazing features of the BOOM messaging and the Time Bomb that make your chat a real fun with friends. Now these are available with a pin number facility. Now the user can send messages to their friends using their pin numbers in a quicker and faster way. The user does not need the contact number or user name for messaging. Instead of it requires a pin number that a user has on his / her device for sending messages. The messaging through using the pin number is faster as it is not sent through regular mail server and the sender gets a notification about the receiving of the message whether this option it set ON or not.

The amazing feature of the BOOM in yofam enables the user for grabbing the attention of the recipient. When you send a BOOM message it creates a vibration in the recipient’s phone that makes him / her alert about giving a response to your message. Now this amazing feature can be used using the pin number of the recipient. Instead of writing the username or phone number of your friend for sending a message you can use his / her pin number. For enjoying these amazing features, the user can use iPhone apps download for getting this amazing app for free.

The yofam, upcoming for android is really a feast for the android users due to its amazing features. It provides a good deal of security to its users. It allows creating a security pin number for making the app secure from irrelevant accesses. It makes the yofam android messenger app more reliable for the users. The amazing chat features of the yofam upcoming for android along with this pin security makes it the favourite messenger app of the android users.

Unique features of Yofam Messenger you may not know about

Text messages are people’s favorite to save cost compared to making calls. They are widely used as a cheaper way of communication and with the advancement of technology and internet use, they have evolved to offer much more to their users than one could ever have imagined.

Now the messaging apps are loaded with tons of features and competition is now how to offer more and an intuitive user experience. Users are sometimes puzzled about what apps suit them best as there are so many apps around offering similar features and user experiences. This is where Yofam comes in, although relatively a new entrant in the chatting apps market, it’s loaded with some unique features most of the other apps don’t offer. In addition, it also comes with proper support so even if you run into any issues, someone will be there to help you out.

Yofam is initially available for iPhone users and is a touch away to be downloaded for free. Upon installing and running the app, you’ll instantly realize the simplicity and app’s ease of use and you’ll be up and running in no time. Yofam’s free text messenger allows you to send text messages to any of your friend’s phone numbers and is also capable of receiving text messages from them. The free text messenger basically enables you to communicate with your friends that are not live on Yofam. You can send a text message and they’ll receive it on their phones just like regular messages. Now this is a quite common feature and isn’t what Yofam is known for.

Some of the unique features that Yofam introduced include BOOM and Time Bomb. Using BOOM all you need to do in order to grab the attention of your friend is to shake your phone and they’ll be sort of nudged a BOOM message to let them know someone wants their attention. Time Bomb, on the other hand, is a very handy feature and allows the users to specify a time when their conversation with their friend on their friend’s phone will be automatically deleted. The other party won’t be prompted or notified before deletion and the only way they can keep the conversation record is by taking a prior screenshot or saving it using some other method. But how are they going to know a conversation has been time bombed? They cannot and that’s what makes this feature so effective.

There are also many other features worth experiencing so just go to iTunes and download Yofam to experience many of its cool features which can also be used as a business messenger.